Sometimes 7,

Kerry (Tenor), Lynn (Bass), Paola (Lead), Mel (Baritone/Lead), Narelle (Tenor) and Sue (Baritone/Bass)

Started out as an a cappella, vocal double quartet in 2007, when they decided that they wanted to sing more frequently, sing songs of their own choosing, and be available to sing at smaller venues.

The quirky name ‘Sometimes 7’ came about over coffee and cake, when the girls realised that it would not always be possible for eight of them to get together at the same time. They acknowledge Cathy Gordon as their fabulous Coach and ongoing inspiration. When Rita and Donna chose to leave, the remaining six chose to continue as a sextet.

You could call their repertoire eclectic, with songs ranging from ‘Love Me With All Of Your Heart’, to ‘I Still Call Australia Home’ and Abba’s ‘Gimme Gimme A Man After Midnight’. There are songs to suit any occasion, from corporate functions, Christmas parties, celebrations and Australia Day events.

Performance fees are negotiable, no set up or sound support is required.  Indoor or undercover venues preferred.

Telephone: Paola on 0424 220 119

2011  Australia Day Ballina  (2)



The Originals:

Kerry, Rita, Donna, Mel, Paola, Sue, Narelle and Lynn.

Ready for an Australia Day performance in 2011